martedì 9 novembre 2010

We are with the band: listen to Ocean Cloud!

Flash suggests a new band from Parma!
Ladies and gentlemen, the Ocean Cloud

With one eye looking towards the cold and alienating North of England and the
other gazing across the pond at the disillusion of grunge, OCEAN CLOUD ‘s look
may appear slightly cross-eyed, but it is sincere and exciting.

Pier Francesco Gasparini (vocals and guitar), Giacomo Calestani (guitar), Giacomo
Tarabugi (bass guitar and back-vocals) and Alberto Bassi (drums) are trying to
blend what they’ve learnt from Morrissey, the Gallagher brothers and Kurt Cobain
into something piercing.
People say their strength lies in their live performances: the skin perspires passion,
the guitars scream, the frenzied bass guitar makes love to the compulsive rhythmic

After a couple of silent years, the band returns, with a different name (they used to
be called I DON’T KNOW) and a few different band members; the energy however
remains unchanged, if anything boosted and improved by their maturity and greater
musical awareness.

Pics by Flash!


Official Facebook page:

Next gigs:
13/10 circolo Arci Ronco Campo Canneto
19/10 London's Corner Panic, Le Male, Parma with Alan McGee djset

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Cale ha detto...

thanks lape,you're in the crew

cale ha detto...

e grazie erica per la traduzione

Albert ha detto...

Ocean Cloud rule crowd!

Gus-pa ha detto...

Grami. quelli là!

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