giovedì 18 novembre 2010

Flash! Wild Architecture

So here's the cover of the brand new Flash! which will be out in December.

We shot some of the most beautiful buildings, bridges, in a word, the architectural spaces with a naked human figure in the front.
The reason? Everyone is fond of taking pictures of naked people. It's not that easy to portray these people in a public place such as a square, a bridge, a central street of the city with a crowd walking to and fro.
We wanted to cross the limit; with elegance and style. (Ivri arrived a couple of times by the way...)

We will update you about the Release Party that will take place in December!
As usual, the book is free!

lots of love to everyone
: )

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the style help ha detto...

wow! we wait for the Release Party update!!


Dino Samir ha detto...

waiting/working for the Release Party in December...

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