domenica 20 giugno 2010

F is for Fashion at Festivals

The weather was like Glastonbury... we were in Brianza though.

The needful rain boots, flannel shirt, and Barbour

Cooler with rolled up sleeves!

Smart raincoat, Lacoste polo shirt and blue windcheater

Sunglasses and silk scarf

Jeans shorts and rain boots (willfully inspired by Kate Moss)

A perfect specimen of the perfect British indie front-man (Barry Hyde from the Futureheads)

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Carla ha detto...

Great blog!

Redhead in Law

Marylena ha detto...

I love your style and the flannel shirt**
Lovely pics**

Flash! ha detto...

thank you! we'll keep following you ladies!

Flavia ha detto...

In the sixth picture I like your look.kisssss

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