lunedì 21 giugno 2010

Flash Shooting

These are some backstage pics of a shooting during the creation of FLASH! # 2
(We'll show issue n. 2 soon!!!)

Skirt: Minimum
Shoes: Zara

Belt: Martin Margela

Model: Queen B.
Pics & Style: FLASH!

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Marylena ha detto...

The outfit is wanderful but the t-shirt and the shoes are to die for^^

Flash! ha detto...

thanks! the t shirt was amazing,, you should've seen the huge sleeves!
: )

Antelope in a junkyard ha detto...

la bea rende magnifica ogni foto

Diya ha detto...

cute!!!!! the entire photoshoot is going to turn out great, I can just tell. I can't wait!!

Flash! ha detto...

thanks!! we'll follow you Diya!

FALCO VERONICA ha detto...

l'outfit è fantastico!le calze creano il giusto contrasto!fantasioso il blog,ne ho appena aperto uno anch'io,(di moda ovviamente.-)vieni a dare un'occhiata e se ti va seguimi!

Flash! ha detto...

Veronica! grazie! ti seguiamo.. :)

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