domenica 27 giugno 2010

B at Boulevart

When we arrived at Boulevart, our beautiful friend B. was there with an amazing Martin Margiela suit and her beautiful smile

Model: Queen B.
Pics & Style: Flash!

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Tesa ha detto...

love this look!

Flash! ha detto...

thanks!! : )

VanilahFashion ha detto...

Wow she looks amazing!
And it looks like you live in a beautiful place :)
Vanila xx

Cory ha detto...

thank you so much for your lovely comment and for following me! you made my day!! ;)
and the girl looks amazing!

Antelope in a junkyard ha detto...


Anonimo ha detto...

this girl is stunning

johanna ha detto...

Queen B looks great! I'll post a summer must have and a packing issue.
Thank you so much for your lovely comment
Keep following
Love johana

Marylena ha detto...

Wow she look stunning**
I love the suit so much!!

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