sabato 31 luglio 2010

Flash Suggestions!

Today we celebrate Annie Leibovitz showing you some of her most popular shots

 This is her on the Chrysler Building shot by John Loengard

Our favorite portrait: John Lennon and Yoko Ono for Rolling Stone Magazine

Sean Lennon and his girlfriend Kemp Muhl recreated the iconic image shot by Terry Richardson

giovedì 29 luglio 2010

Summer Post

For all those lucky people who, like us, are spending their summer in a boring and empty town

mercoledì 28 luglio 2010

Pirates and Buccaneers

lunedì 26 luglio 2010

White Session

Pictures by Andrea Pagani

sabato 24 luglio 2010

Pics From Exhibition

Thanxs to everyone who showed up!
Grazie amici che siete venuti ieri sera!
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Frafri showing FLASH! to "Lo Sceriffo" (The Sheriff)